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Business Banner Bunting - promotional advertising flags



Custom banner for your business - personalised bunting flags made with your business colours, fonts or logos.

This custom business bunting comes in 3 sizes and is ideal for adding a professional feel to promotional events or craft stalls.

Your bunting can be customised in the following ways;

  • Fabric colour
  • Applique stitched letters / shapes
  • Embroidered letters / words (that can be typed)
  • Embroidered logos (signatures / images that need converting)
  • Custom printed cotton fabric

Not sure what you need? Just contact us with your requirements and we'll discuss options and create a custom order for you.


  1. Choose the size of flags (Small / Medium / Large)
  2. Select a flag type (see images for examples)
  3. Add the quantity of flags you want in this type
  4. Add to basket
  5. If you want a mixture of different types (i.e. 5 embroidered letters with 2 embroidered logos on each end) repeat steps 1 to 4 - until all your flags are in the basket.
  6. Add personalised details, colour notes etc in the personalisation box  - if you have more than one word and want a space between the words please add this in the notes)
  7. Once you've ordered, you'll receive an email from 2 Green Monkeys requesting any further details we need such as logo files

TIP: Visit Facebook or Instagram to see examples of recent makes.

  • Flags size approx (with tails for tying).
    • Small 10cm x 10cm. 9 flags per metre
    • Medium 15cm x 15cm. 7 flags per metre
    • Large 20cm x 20cm. 5 flags per metre
  • 100% cotton fabric

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