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Bunting Calculator

How much bunting do I need?

Bunting flags / banners can be hung as decoration either in rooms or outdoors as garden bunting, sold both in metre lengths and per flag. You may have limited space to hang your bunting and want to know how much bunting you need.

Bunting calculator

The easiest way to work out how much bunting you need, is to measure the space and decide how much drape you'd like.

You can then use the calculator below to work out how much bunting you need.

bunting calculator

Enter your measurements

Measurement (in metres)
Bunting drape (%)


We sell bunting both "per metre" for plain bunting and "per flag" (in 3 different sizes) for personalised bunting, so here all the results you might need.

Metres =
Small Flags=
Medium Flags=
Large Flags=
Extra Large Flags=


Note, that all our bunting comes with extra string on each end (tails) for tying - so you have some wiggle room!

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help - please contact 2 Green Monkeys.