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10 Quotes for memory bear keepsakes

Memory bear quote

What are memory keepsakes?

Memory bears are teddy bears made from loved one's clothes, or items of clothing of sentimental value. The clothing can also be turned into keepsake cushions, hearts or other items.

These keepsakes are made in remembrance of a loved one and can provide comfort during times of grief. By turning old clothes into a keepsake like this, you can have a soft, huggable and beautiful remembrance of a loved one.

Memory keepsakes make ideal Sympathy Gifts, Memorial Gifts and Bereavement Gifts for children and adults that have lost parents or grandparents.

Memory keepsake quotes and sayings

Memory keepsakes can be personalised with a memorial quote or saying, embroidered onto a little heart. These memory quotes can bring further comfort, by reminding you that your loved one is still close.

You can see more examples of how these quotes look embroidered on our memory bears, cushions and hearts in the memory keepsake collection.

Memory keepsake quote

Top 10 most popular keepsake quotes

Here is a list of popular quotes that people have added to their keepsakes. It's also very common to add "Mum", "Dad", "Nan", "Grandad" or a loved one's name after the saying.

 1. These are clothes

These are clothes
I used to wear
hold me close
& I'll be there

An alterative for keepsakes made from just one item is to change the "These are clothes" to "This is a shirt / dress / top".

2. Today, tomorrow

Today, tomorrow
my whole life through
I will always love,
miss and remember you

3. Once a shirt

Once a shirt
now a bear
hug me tight
know I'm there

4. Your life was a blessing

Your life was a blessing
your memory a treasure
you are loved beyond words
and missed beyond measure

5. Nothing can ever take away

Nothing can ever
take away
a love the heart
holds dear

Memory keepsake heart

6. Always on my mind

on my mind
in my heart

7. Goodbyes are not forever

Goodbyes are not forever
goodbyes are not the end
they simply mean
I'll miss you
until we meet again

8. If there ever comes a time 

If there ever comes a time
when we cannot be together
keep me in your heart
and I’ll stay there for ever

9. Made from my clothes

Made from my clothes
hold me close
and feel
me near

10. Time slips by

Time slips by
and life goes on
but in my heart
you're never gone

Memory bear personalised paws

Our memory bears can also have extra details added to the bears paws. A popular option is to add the name of the loved one's clothing dates of the birth and death.

What memory quote do you find most comforting? Or would you add a custom saying or poem?

If you have any questions about having a memory keepsake made, I'll be happy to help - please contact 2 Green Monkeys.

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