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Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Wedding anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with milestone gifts, based on the number of years a couple has been married - each year associated with a particular item or colour. It's suggested these anniversary year-based gifts date back to the Middle Ages, with silver and gold garlands gifted to symbolise the 25th and 50th years of marriage.

The value of these gifts was said to increase year after year, which reflected the strength of commitment of the couple. It's also believed they were given to help build a new home together - starting with more practical items and extending to luxuries such as diamonds and gold.

The modern take on the gift list is much broader, with the acceptable anniversary gifts matching in colour - rather than just the precious gems and metals!

Celebrated every year Then every 5 years
1st Anniversary Paper 20th Anniversary China
2nd Anniversary Cotton 25th Anniversary Silver
3rd Anniversary Leather 30th Anniversary Pearls
4th Anniversary Linen 35th Anniversary Coral
5th Anniversary Wood 40th Anniversary Ruby
6th Anniversary Iron 45th Anniversary Sapphire
7th Anniversary Copper 50th Anniversary Gold
8th Anniversary Bronze 55th Anniversary Emerald
9th Anniversary Pottery 60th Anniversary iamond
10th Anniversary Tin 65th Anniversary Sapphire
11th Anniversary Steel 70th Anniversary Platinum
12th Anniversary Silk 75th Anniversary Diamond
13th Anniversary Lace 80th Anniversary Oak
14th Anniversary Ivory 85th Anniversary Wine
15th Anniversary Crystal 90th Anniversary Stone


Ruby wedding anniversary gift cushion  55th wedding anniversary gift cushion   Golden wedding anniversary gift cushion

I've created a collection of memory cushions, with coloured dates to match many of the biggest gifting years. These cushions not only capture the gifting year colour, but also add personalised memories alongside important dates of the marriage.

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